Are Kittens Safe with Babies?

All parents want a safe and happy baby. That is the very reason why we put the best baby gates just to isolate our babies from unwanted intruders like cats and dogs. But are kittens harmful to babies? If you have a pet dog, do you prevent it from playing with your child? Of course not. If it’s a stray animal, of course, you would protect your child from it, but your pets, I don’t think so.

It would seem that cats and babies are competing for territory at home. Every year, hundreds of cats and kittens are surrendered to shelters because a new baby has arrived or in the way. Most parents worry about the harm that the cat may inflict on the newborn. This diaspora of cats and kittens have caused shelters which are already crowded and underfunded to be overworked.

How to Keep Your Baby Safe with cats

While cats and kittens are generally safe, parents do need to take precautions. You can install a net around and on top of the crib to prevent the cat from getting into the cozy baby bed. Install a screen door to the baby’s nursery. This will serve as a double door the provides enough safety while keeping the baby visible from the outside.

Make sure that the trays for kittens and food bowls are placed in an area that your baby can’t reach. This is important particularly when the baby starts crawling. To provide better isolation, make sure to install the best baby gate to prevent your child from getting to the litter tray.

See to it that your cats and its litters are regularly de-flead and de-wormed. Ensure also that the products you use to de-worm and de-flea your cats are safe around babies or better yet, put it in an area where your baby have no access to. Regularly trim you cat’s claws or use plastic paws on top of it. Although it’s highly unlikely that your cat will scratch your child, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Are Cats and Kittens Safe Around Babies

The short answer is yes. Cats and kittens are generally safe around babies as long as they are supervised. While you should not allow your cat to sleep next to your baby, they can both co-exist in the same home. Research even suggest that babies that are brought up with pets in the first year have lower instances of allergies later in life.

Do cats harbor diseases? They do harbor diseases but very few of these are transmissible to humans. It is very rare that your child will pick up a disease from your pet cat. What is more like though, is that you child will pick up a disease from fellow human beings. Your child will likely pick up colds from another sibling who is suffering the same.

So can cats and kittens co-exist with your baby under the same roof? Absolutely yes. Just make sure to take the necessary precaution.

Top Grooming Tips for Gorgeous Kitties!


Cats are the vainest creatures on Earth! Grooming themselves is what most cats spend half their day doing anyway, so why would you need kitties grooming tips?

Well, as I say, cats are vain. And fastidious. They like to be clean. They like their fur to be smooth.So I’ll bet you’ve seen your moggie licking her paw and washing her face a thousand times. And not just her face, right? You’ve watched her hundreds of times, rolling over to get at a hard to reach part of herself, and smoothing down her fur with her tongue.

And right there is the top reason you should make grooming your kitties a task you perform daily. When kitty is grooming all that stray fur out of her gleaming coat, a lot of it winds up in her stomach.

How To Brush or Comb Your Kitties

Kitties love being groomed! Of course, it is much easier to accustom your kitties to brushes and combs when she’s a tiny kitten, but even full grown cats soon come to thoroughly enjoy being brushed.

Brush gently and firmly following the natural line of your cat’s fur from her neck down to her tail. Patience is necessary; in fact some owners wrap their kitties loosely in a clean dishtowel before beginning!

If your kitties gets cross and struggles, stop and play with her until she grows relaxed.

Try to avoid bringing a brush or comb too close to her face.

Alternatives to Brushing

If your Kitties definitely doesn’t like being brushed, you can use a comb, or a grooming glove.

The technique is different from brushing. Don’t pull a comb through your cat’s fur, it will upset kitty. Instead, pick out a small patch of fur and groom a tiny area at a time, very gently.

Most cats love a grooming glove, it’s very easy to use and gives your kitties a nice massage, too.

What To Do If You Have a Long Haired Kitties

Long haired cats have to be combed. Brushes and grooming gloves just don’t do a thorough enough job, although they can be great for putting kitty into a relaxed mood before you get going with that comb.

Cats aren’t as keen on combs as brushes, especially if they’re long haired, but prevention is better than cure.

If your cat’s long hair isn’t combed through regularly, then her coat will become matted, which she will absolutely hate – and so will you, because matted hair turns cats into bundles of furry fury!